Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We've been busy these last few weeks. We can now be found on Facebook:


We also have a new dedicated email addy:  pointingdogrescue@gmail.com


Beyond our wonderful technical achievements we have also seen several homes found for dogs. Benny, who caught the eye of many folks is the most recent to be adopted to a new home. Hopefully in the future we'll have some new pics of Benny to post for you.

In sadder news, there are many new dogs in need of homes. The following is a list of the dogs we are currently looking for homes for. Please note that dogs in PDRC's care will have our email as a contact. We do list as a courtesy dogs in need of homes that are in the care of other rescue organizations. It should be noted that all adoptions are through them and that our listing is just a courtesy. While we believe them to be reputable and the dogs well cared for and vetted, we strongly suggest you do your homework and cannot be held liable for any interactions between you and non-PDRC organizations, including adoptions.

Baron - Southcentral Ontario

Baron is now being fostered by PDRC. He is a 3 year old, neutered male German Wirehaired Pointer. Baron loves to play with toys, particularly tennis balls. He will carry his toys on his walks if allowed. He needs some leash work as he does tend to pull on lead. He is housebroken and will not go to the bathroom unless there is grass to go on. He is a playful, goofy guy that knows hand signals and listens well. 

 For more information on Baron, please contact us at pointingdogrescue@gmail.com

Ginger - Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Ginger is a spayed, 6 year old female German Shorthaired Pointer. She loves to run and play with Kongs and balls. She is a very loving girl that greets people without hesitation and gets along well with other dogs. Ginger loves kids, travels well and has good recall off leash. She is housebroken and learned to use a doggie door very quickly. 



For more information on Ginger, please contact us at pointingdogrescue@gmail.com

Gunther - Southcentral Ontario

Gunther is a German Shorthaired Pointer cross, although he does look purebred. Raised in a sledding kennel, Gunther has now made the transition to house pet and is loving the attention. He will do best in a home with no other dogs as he can be jealous of attention given to other dogs. He is housebroken and excellent on lead. He has experience in dog sledding, bikjoring, skijoring, and several other athletic pursuits. He would make a great pet for someone who is active and enjoys winter sports. Gunther is excellent with people and loves to be cuddled. 

For more information on Gunther, please contact us at pointingdogrescue@gmail.com

Oakley - Squamish, British Columbia

Oakley is a GSP X. Oakley is in urgent need of a new home. She was removed from a neglectful home where she spent long hours confined by herself in a crate in the laundry room. She is not good with small dogs but plays well with large dogs. She is housetrained although it is obvious from the urine stains on her rump that her previous caregivers left her for hours in the crate unable to relieve herself until she could no longer hold it. This sweet girl would really like someone to give her the life she deserves. She is temporarily being fostered in a kennel situation. 

 If you can help Oakley in any way, please email Lichen at lichen-t@shaw.ca 

Spidey - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Spidey is a 7 yr old German Shorthaired Pointer. He is a very friendly, energetic dog. He loves people, including children. Unfortunately, a member of his human family has developed severe allergies and he needs to find a new home. 


For more information on Spidey, please email us at pointingdogrescue@gmail.com 

Jack - Alberta

Jack is a 4 year old, neutered male German Shorthaired Pointer. He is currently in the Edmonton area. He is very friendly, loves to play ball and run. He gets along well with other dogs and is very playful. For more information, please contact Sylvie at casdda@hotmail.com - * This is not a PDRC adoption *

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We're Incorporated!

Pointing Breed Rescue Canada is now an incorporated non-profit. Charitable status papers have been submitted to the government so hopefully we will have full status soon and can begin more formal activities.

In the meantime, I am pleased to report that most of our previously listed dogs have found homes. Pablo is still searching for one so if you are in western Canada, please consider him. I will repost his information below along with Ben's, the latest dog in need.

Pablo - 1 yr old neutered male in Alberta I’m a 9 month old GSP and in the process of getting neutered. I’m quiet, happy, playful and well tempered, and am well socialized with people, other dogs, and will chase cats. I’m a little cautious when we first meet, but I warm up just fine in no time at all! I working on being house broken. I love to play with toys. I travel well, and am used to being in a kennel.

Please contact Sylvie (Tiashanah@hotmail.com ) if you are interested in adopting me!  

Ben - 7 yr old neutered male in Brantford, Ontario Ben is owned by a senior who can longer handle his exercise needs since the passing of her husband late last year. A beautiful animal, he needs an active owner and would prefer a home with no small children as he is not used to being around them.

For more information on Ben, please contact: Heather (nuthatchkennels@gmail.com)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Latest Dogs In Need...

KATI - Black and White GSP

She is nearly 3 years old, the perfect dog that everyone seems to want, except her foot was damaged in a car accident about a year and a half ago. A toe was amputated. Because she has some nerve damage, it is easy for her to cut her foot so care must be taken when she is out running. Our foster mom puts a boot on her if they are going over gravelly ground. Kati, who is beautiful, has a pedigree and gets along with other dogs and loves people. She has good recall and is trained.

email or call me if you are interested in adopting Kati.

Lichen - dogwoodrescue@shaw.ca


Pablo - 9 month old GSP

I’m a 9 month old GSP and in the process of getting neutered. I’m quiet, happy, playful and well tempered, and am well socialized with people, other dogs, and will chase cats. I’m a little cautious when we first meet, but I warm up just fine in no time at all! I working on being house broken. I love to play with toys.

I travel well, and am used to being in a kennel.

Please contact Sylvie (Tiashanah@hotmail.com ) if you are interested in adopting me!

Connery - 9 month old GSP

I’m a very active and happy 9 month old neutered GSP. I have huge drive and am always on the go. (Will do well in SAR or dog's sport such as agility or flyball).

I’m curious about cats but am not aggressive with them. I have good manners in the house and do not jump on furniture.

I travel well, and am used to being in a kennel.

Please contact Sylvie (Tiashanah@hotmail.com ) if you are interested in adopting me!

Atlas - 3 yr old Eng Pointer x Setter

Call 905-335-3030 Burlington

Atlas has been identified by a Pointer breed expert as an English Pointer x Setter known as a Pointsetter. This is an active, smart mix and Atlas, who has been aged at only 3 years, is high energy for the shelter kennel and has been afraid of the clang of the doors. He has a docked tail, some Setter feathering and his body is all white with some speckles. Shelter states: "Hi My name is Atlas and I came into the shelter when I was found as a stray. I am a cute energetic guy. I will need some training reinforcement but I am sure to be your best friend soon. Spayed/Neutered Up-to-date with routine shots Housetrained


Olivia - Eng Ptr - Age 4-8 yrs?

After a month in a shelter, she is settling in to her foster home and getting happier and more confident. With an unknown history, it will take awhile for her to adjust to the life of being a pet. Her age is estimated somewhere between 4 and 8 years of age.
She is affectionate, eager to please and learns quickly. She loves walks and whines to ask to meet other dogs; she loves her crate, chewing bones and treats. Although she is not keen to get in the car, she does not fuss and will probably get to like it.
With with continued obedience and structure, Olivia will flourish and bring much joy to her new owners

Please contact Cynthia at clwalker@rogers.com

Baxter - 7 yr old GSP

A neutered male, Baxter is looking for a new home due to owner illness. He is a typical, active GSP with some basic obedience. Fully housetrained. Good with children. For more information contact Emily McKinnon at emily.mackinnon@rogers.com

Slimmy - 9 yr old GSP
We were told that Slimmy was an outdoor dog his whole life, but he is by no means a tough guy (unless it involves cats)! Even at 9 years old, he still has quite a bit of energy and sometimes acts like a goofy puppy again-wiggling around on his back with his tongue hanging out. This boy LOVES a good, old fashioned belly rub! If you stop, he wiggles closer to his new 'best friend' gives the whole "puppy eyes" look, then wiggles a bit more until you start rubbing his belly again. Once you have connected with this dog (which takes almost no time..even skipping the belly rub!)he makes a great companion and will tend to stick by your side after he has attended to his outside needs. Being an outdoor dog most of his life he will need a bit of house training. GSPs do best as indoor dogs and appreciate being with their owners. More information on Slimmy can be found at: http://www.lennoxaddington.ontariospca.ca/2-adoptions-dogs.shtml

Monday, April 4, 2011

Foster Homes Needed in Ontario & Steve

We really need some foster homes in Ontario. There are several dogs that need somewhere to go at the moment and we`re really short on foster homes to take them. Fostering can be a wonderful experience. You provide a short term home for a dog in need of assistance until a permanent home can be found. Dogs in need range from the young (1 year) to the old (10 years). Anyone interested in lending a hand, please email me at nuthatch@aztec-net.com


Steve is a 3 year old male, neutered GSP who came to me because he had been hit by a car and found on the side of the road. I am a veterinarian but I currently run a wildlife rehabilitation centre and don’t practice companion animal medicine on a regular basis. However, I was close by and I have a hospital at the centre so the rescuer brought the dog to me. His arm was broken so we plated it and he is now very mobile and ready to find a new home. We had actually found the owner but he didn’t want to pay for surgery. Fortunately, he was willing to surrender the dog to me rather than euthanize him. However, I currently have 4 dogs and hundreds of wild animals in rehab and don’t have the time or space for this dog. I thought I would be able to re-home him by the time his arm was completely mended but this has not turned out to be the case. I’m still trying but I wonder if you might know of someone who can give him a good home? I’m happy to keep him here until someone shows up. He’s a lovely dog and he gets along with all of the domestics in my house- dogs, cats, and even ferrets. He seems to have mild allergies which are controlled with Benadryl. I suspect it’s a reaction to the suture material so I don’t expect this to be an ongoing problem but I can’t be certain at this time. I wasn’t able to get a good vaccination history but the previous owner said he was up to date and I will vaccinate him before he leaves here.

Please let me know if you can help. You can contact me by email (cynthiapost@live.ca )or by phone at 905 936 3184.

Cynthia Post, DVM

Procyon Wildife Vet. and Rehab. Services

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hailey - GSP x GWP

Hailey is located in BC with the Dogwood Rescue. Inquiries should be sent to Lichen at dogwoodrescue@shaw.ca Here is what Hailey's current foster home has to say about her:


Hailey, a sweet GSP/GWP X was sent to me from the Okanagan three weeks ago where OK Small Dog rescued her from the pound when her owners decided to leave her there because they would not or could not pay the fine. She was dirty, covered in feces and anxious.

Prior to these owners, Hailey had another very abusive owner who, even the last owners, said was very cruel, so much so, that she is fearful when someone pulls out a Kleenex or shakes a bag to open it. She has other "noise" fears. Apparently, the penultimate, really evil owner used to shoot a gun over her head constantly in order to train her to be a hunter. I suspect she was beaten - probably regularly. It is conceivable she had an antepenultimate owner - not much history is known about her.

When she arrived her eyes were "dead" and she was afraid of everyone and everything.
Over the three weeks, I have managed to get her to the stage where she wags her tail and does not quake with fear when someone reaches for her.

The past week, she is starting to be territorial. She is reactive (barks) when someone enters my study or startles her. She is fine with the other dogs in an open setting, with the exception of one Weim, who is a female the same age. Hailey is about 7 yr. They give each other "the eye" and I know fights are incipient.

She meets others well outside the home; she has not been reactive to dogs she has met on leash outside. She is active, healthy, and walks well on the leash - loves, loves, going for walks. She was fine on-leash at the park recently; I have not let her off-leash because I fear she might be a flight risk if she is frightened, even though she is pretty much my shadow.

She knows basic commands. She is gentle in taking treats, I can take items out of her mouth. She sleeps on the floor by the bed at night. She is completely house-trained. She is not a counter-surfer. I don't know how she would be with cats but she is, after all, a sporting dog. She does not appear to have separation anxiety but the past three weeks, there has always been someone here. Overall, she is a very loving, affectionate, easy-care dog. She needs a home with someone who can set boundaries, build her confidence and trust. I love this dog and wish I were in a position to be that person. As a rescuer, I cannot keep her although she has bonded quickly with me and has captured my heart.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rocky the GWP & Call For Board Members

Rocky is a young (approx 1 year) German Wirehaired Pointer that is currently located at the Brampton Animal Shelter. You can reach the shelter website at: http://www.brampton.ca/en/residents/Animal-Services/Pages/Adoption.aspx . Here is the information they have provided us with about Rocky. He has been with them since January, 2011 which is hard on a GWP. They're very people oriented and can become prone to separation anxiety. As you can guess, they're anxious for Rocky to find a home. Please feel free to cross-post Rocky's information to any interested homes.


Surrendered (by his second owner)

Not housetrained

High energy (could play & run for hours)

Loves the people he knows but can be fearful with strangers- this mostly happens in his Kennel

No food aggression, but is a good eater

Good with other dogs

Very intent on birds/small animals

Pulls on leash

Knows ‘sit’

Sociable and outgoing

Loves to retrieve and fairly good about releasing toy

Can be a bit mouthy but not hard

I hope this info will be helpful. He came to us Jan.4/11 and because of his size and lack of training/obedience we’ve not had a lot of interest in him. He is a sweetie with lots of potential for an active family who will be patient with him. I’ll forward some pics, they’re not the greatest, he never sits still long enough!! "

As per my pervious email, we are looking for Board Members. Here is the ad being run on Charity Village. If you or someone you know may be interested in helping out, please feel free to email me at nuthatch@aztec-net.com

"Pointing Breed Rescue Canada is a brand new 100% volunteer driven organization. People involved with Pointing Breed Rescue Canada are dedicated to raising awareness for the need to find suitable, loving homes for abandoned and homeless pointing breed dogs in Canada and also to placing dogs in need in such homes. Pointing breeds are all-purpose gun dogs including the English Pointer, the Brittany Spaniel, the 3 German Pointers (Shorthaired, Wirehaired & Longhaired), Vizslas, Weimareiners, Italian Spinones, the 4 Setters (Irish, English, Gordon, Irish Red & White) and the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. There are other breeds but for the most part they are very rare here in Canada.

Pointing Breed Rescue Canada’s four founding Board Members are currently building this organization from the ground up, including working to gain registered charitable status through CRA and expect to achieve such status in the coming months. As part of that process, a number of openings for Board Members are available. Candidates should have a strong interest in pointing breeds as well as at least one of the following skill-sets:

• Accounting/financial
• Legal
• Fundraising/Sponsorship/Event Planning
• Administrative
• Board and Organizational Governance/Leadership
• Animal Medicine/Welfare

If you are interested in helping to build a charity from the ground up while rescuing pointing breed dogs in need, please submit your resume and covering letter indicating your area(s) of expertise and your specific interest to pointingbreedrescue@gmail.com.
*Working, temporary name"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pointing Breed Rescue in Canada

This is a new site for a new group. We're trying to organize and set up a pointing breed rescue organization with the goal of being a registered charity. For those not familiar with the pointing breeds they are the all purpose gun dogs. The group includes the English Pointer, the Brittany Spaniel, the 3 German Pointers (Shorthaired, Wirehaired & Longhaired), Vizslas, Weimareiners, Italian Spinones, the 4 Setters (Irish, English, Gordon, Irish Red & White) and the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. There are other breeds but for the most part they are very rare here in Canada.

On this site I hope to be able to update this site regularly not only with our progress with the organization but also to regularly list dogs available both for fostering and to permanent homes.

The organization is still in the preliminary stages and we are currently working on putting together a Board of Directors. We are in need of people who are interested in assisting both on the Board and also with the organization in general. As with all rescue operations, foster homes will definitely be needed. With respect to the Board, we are in particular need for people with legal and accounting skills.