Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rocky the GWP & Call For Board Members

Rocky is a young (approx 1 year) German Wirehaired Pointer that is currently located at the Brampton Animal Shelter. You can reach the shelter website at: . Here is the information they have provided us with about Rocky. He has been with them since January, 2011 which is hard on a GWP. They're very people oriented and can become prone to separation anxiety. As you can guess, they're anxious for Rocky to find a home. Please feel free to cross-post Rocky's information to any interested homes.


Surrendered (by his second owner)

Not housetrained

High energy (could play & run for hours)

Loves the people he knows but can be fearful with strangers- this mostly happens in his Kennel

No food aggression, but is a good eater

Good with other dogs

Very intent on birds/small animals

Pulls on leash

Knows ‘sit’

Sociable and outgoing

Loves to retrieve and fairly good about releasing toy

Can be a bit mouthy but not hard

I hope this info will be helpful. He came to us Jan.4/11 and because of his size and lack of training/obedience we’ve not had a lot of interest in him. He is a sweetie with lots of potential for an active family who will be patient with him. I’ll forward some pics, they’re not the greatest, he never sits still long enough!! "

As per my pervious email, we are looking for Board Members. Here is the ad being run on Charity Village. If you or someone you know may be interested in helping out, please feel free to email me at

"Pointing Breed Rescue Canada is a brand new 100% volunteer driven organization. People involved with Pointing Breed Rescue Canada are dedicated to raising awareness for the need to find suitable, loving homes for abandoned and homeless pointing breed dogs in Canada and also to placing dogs in need in such homes. Pointing breeds are all-purpose gun dogs including the English Pointer, the Brittany Spaniel, the 3 German Pointers (Shorthaired, Wirehaired & Longhaired), Vizslas, Weimareiners, Italian Spinones, the 4 Setters (Irish, English, Gordon, Irish Red & White) and the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. There are other breeds but for the most part they are very rare here in Canada.

Pointing Breed Rescue Canada’s four founding Board Members are currently building this organization from the ground up, including working to gain registered charitable status through CRA and expect to achieve such status in the coming months. As part of that process, a number of openings for Board Members are available. Candidates should have a strong interest in pointing breeds as well as at least one of the following skill-sets:

• Accounting/financial
• Legal
• Fundraising/Sponsorship/Event Planning
• Administrative
• Board and Organizational Governance/Leadership
• Animal Medicine/Welfare

If you are interested in helping to build a charity from the ground up while rescuing pointing breed dogs in need, please submit your resume and covering letter indicating your area(s) of expertise and your specific interest to
*Working, temporary name"


  1. posted on my facebook. i might also lift a few of these photos and do a blog entry.

    as someone who adopted a wirehaired pointer 8 yrs ago from the Barrie shelter, i know full well that these dogs are not for the average family. my girl had been trial adopted twice and returned ... and with perseverance, hard work and adaptation, she has turned into the most amazing dog i have ever known or met.

    they require a lot of leadership and a special person; they also require someone who will work WITH their drive, not against it.

    here's just a little about my girl:

    please let me know if there is anything else i can do.

    of course, i'd take this gorgeous boy in a heartbeat if i didn't already have my hands full with our most recent rescue from a puppymill.

    illona ~ scruffy dog photography